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Sunday, September 21, 2014
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What We Get Paid For DVD

What We Get Paid For DVD

Retail Price: $119.00

Our Price: $49.00

Tired of telling the hourly crew how to serve better, sell more, waste less? Then let this award-winning DVD show them how! What We Get Paid For DVD is a fun and lively animated DVD that shows your hourly team members and managers how to think like owners do. In less than 10 minutes this DVD expertly illustrates how to: Serve Better, Sell More, Waste Less, Be a Brand Ambassador, Keep It Clean, Be Honest, Be on Time, Habitual Consistency, Teamwork, Focus, Better Your Best and Have Fun. Based on the best-selling poster that is used in over 60,000 restaurants and retail locations around the globe.

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Multi-Unit Leadership

Multi-Unit Leadership - The 7 Stages of Building High-Performing Partnerships and Teams book

Retail Price: $40.00

Our Price: $24.95

This best-selling new book from Sullivision.com explores both the art and science of 21st Century multi-unit leadership, selection and development. This 304 page illustrated book details the 7 progressive growth stages of leadership that the most productive Area Managers, Regional Directors and Franchisees demonstrate. Chockablock-full of over 300 best practices of high-performing Multiunit Managers and Franchisees across industry segments. Used by companies like Starbucks, McDonald's, Chili's, Target, Chipotle, Panera Bread, Applebee's, Sam's Club, Pizza Hut, Chipotle and more. Over 170,000 sold.


Retail Price: $22.00

Our Price: $19.00

REWORK will help you rethink what you know about service, selling, time management and performance. Our favorite new book and cheaper than in bookstores. Read it and reap!
60 Second Lessons in Leadership DVD

60 Second Lessons in Leadership

Retail Price: $119.00

Our Price: $99.00

60 Second Lessons in Leadership: Big Ideas in Short Video Bites. Over 98 minutes of quick video leadership lessons for everyone on your team. Focus area include selling, service, teamwork, cost-control, marketing, hiring, training and much more.
Renegade Server Tip Clips

The Renegade Server "Tip Clips"

This dynamic collection of 33 powerful video insights from the best-selling book will help your team to sell more, serve better and make more money. In digital and video formats for use with DVD players, computers AND even your mobile devices. Save $20 if you order now (and get a free DVD of the program too).